Are Well & Company products considered "natural" or "organic"?


In the United States, federal legislation defines three levels of organic foods.

  • Products made entirely with certified organic ingredients and methods can be labeled "100% organic."
  • Products with at least 95% organic ingredients may be labeled "organic."
  • Products containing a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, can be labeled "made with organic ingredients," but may not display the USDA Organic seal (unlike the categories above).

Well & Company products fall into the 3rd category above, and may be described as "made with organic ingredients." 

As we state in the Wake Well and Revive Well White Paper:

Well & Company ™ sources only 100% natural ingredients. While there is a lack of “standard” when it comes to using the term “natural” in nutritional labeling, all of Well & Company's products are free of artificial sweeteners, flavorings, colors, hormones, or antibiotics.

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