Is the Quercetin in Well & Company products considered “pharmaceutical grade” and is it exclusive to Well & Company?

"The quercetin Well & Company uses, QU995, is of the highest purity quercetin available commercially (99.5% or greater pure). It’s the only quercetin that has FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status; and it’s the only Food Grade quercetin on the market. It can actually be used in foods as a food additive in addition to its use as a dietary supplement." - Dr. Mark Davis, Well & Company Scientific Advisor
The pure, powerful Quercetin BLEND, QU995 and the proprietary blend of polyphenols used is ONLY available through Well & Company. Well & Company's patented processing yields 99.5% PURE Quercetin- pharmaceutical grade.  The formula, combining Quercetin, Carnitine and other Flavonoids, is also exclusive to Well & Company.  

Well & Company owners have invested $100 Million Quercetin sourcing, research and processing.

For more information on Quercetin, go to: What is Quercetin and why is it important?
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