I got an email from Global Payment Gateway (GPG) about my pay - is it legitimate?


Well & Company has partnered with Global Payment Gateway, a third party payment processor, to handle the payment of commissions and bonuses.  Using GPG, you can view your pay, add bank accounts, add paycards and transfer funds - not only to your bank account and paycard, but to other GPG Payees as well.  Using GPG also allows us to pay you more quickly, because we don't have to issue physical checks. 

When we enable the Payment Center functionality within your Well & Company Business Center, you will receive an email (sample below) from GPG with instructions on how to activate your account.  Please follow these instructions, and if you have any questions, you may contact GPG Payee Support at 1-855-342-5474.

NOTE:  You may want to "whitelist" the domain gpgway.com within your email program, to ensure that your activation email doesn't get sent to your junk or spam folder.

Why do I have to Activate?

GPG is very careful to follow all international regulations and laws concerning Anti-Money Laundering, Identity Protection and Payroll in general. One such requirement, for example, is the USA Patriot Act. They need you to confirm some basic information in order to ensure not only compliance with regulations and laws, but your security as well.

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